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I follow a very specific pattern for my writing. I don’t do rough drafts. Never have. I sit down and think. I organize a pattern in my head for the message. Then I put it on paper. Well, on screen … online — you get it.

The last couple of weeks, though, I haven’t had much of a chance to sit down and think. Now that I can, I’m having a hard time putting words together. The last week, in particular, has been overwhelming. Read More


Couldn’t find any wedding pictures in the middle of the night. I was fat in all of those anyway. This is much better.

Tuesday was the eighth anniversary of my wedding. I celebrated by getting the “It’s just not working out” talk. Thankfully, my wife wasn’t the one delivering it. No, we got broken up with by another daycare provider.

We had to find a new daycare for Alex for the summer. The place that handled his after-school care this past year doesn’t do regular daycare during the summer. They have a high-activity, transition-filled “Summer Camp” program with a bunch of field trips and the sort of schedule that Alex finds overwhelming. They came to us early in the spring with concerns about whether he would be able to continue to progress within this program, and we mutually agreed to find a better option during the school break. Read More

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