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We wrapped up a very stressful and uncomfortable week today with a long, fun day at Sea World. With the possible exception of his grandmother’s house — and I’m not sure it’s as close a race as I’m making it out — this is Alex’s favorite place on the planet.

He loves the water park and would stay there playing and riding slides all day if we’d let him. But his little brother is an animal fanatic, so Alex endures the live shows put on by the marine mammalian performance troupes. We coerce him with the promise of riding rides between shows, but I think he likes the animals more than he lets on. I catch him leaning forward with anticipation and even clapping from time to time. I think he’s just letting us talk him into it to guarantee more thrill-seeking opportunities. Read More


As bad as Tuesday was, Wednesday was a total about-face. I had a great conversation this morning with an advocate for special needs services who turned me on to some outstanding local resources that just weren’t showing up in my Google searches. Also found out my sister is flying in Thursday night to help out until we get a permanent solution for summer care.

I’m looking forward to learning more about what we have available to us and finding a way to help Alex get the most out of his potential. I’ve gone from incredibly low and frustrated to incredibly optimistic.

Couldn’t find any wedding pictures in the middle of the night. I was fat in all of those anyway. This is much better.

Tuesday was the eighth anniversary of my wedding. I celebrated by getting the “It’s just not working out” talk. Thankfully, my wife wasn’t the one delivering it. No, we got broken up with by another daycare provider.

We had to find a new daycare for Alex for the summer. The place that handled his after-school care this past year doesn’t do regular daycare during the summer. They have a high-activity, transition-filled “Summer Camp” program with a bunch of field trips and the sort of schedule that Alex finds overwhelming. They came to us early in the spring with concerns about whether he would be able to continue to progress within this program, and we mutually agreed to find a better option during the school break. Read More

Why do we make up fictional characters who interact with our children? I mean, really, what’s the point? I remember being four years old and wondering who fed the people inside the picture box (TV). And I was a reasonably intelligent child with no developmental issues to speak of (until I got to junior high and was expected to talk to girls). Read More

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